Sharck™ probe (butt), 53mm coverage for Reddy®, 5 m

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TECA Sharck™ probe for butt welds, 2nd generation with ceramic fingers, 53 mm (2.1 in.) coverage. Requires 64 channels. Features a built-in, high-precision encoder for Reddy®. Comes with a 160-pin array connector and standard 5 meter (16.4 ft) cable.
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Nb. of channels 62 (22 Depth, 22 Length, 18 Transverse)
Liftoff compensation Yes, dynamic
Coverage 53 mm (2.1 ")
Length compensation for short cracks Yes
Ceramic tip Yes
Alloys Ferromagnetic
Cable length 5 m (16 ft)
Depth sizing accuracy (typical) ± 20% (depending on weld roughness)
Embedded remote controls Yes
Encoder design Embedded and spring-loaded
Flexible/conformable Yes, spring-loaded fingers
Length sizing accuracy (typical) ± 1 mm (0.40")
Liftoff tolerance 3 mm (0.120")
Maximum operating temperature 100 °C
Maximum scan speed 200 mm/s (8"/s)
Maximum sizable depth 7 mm (0.275")
Minimum detectable crack (typical) 3 mm (0.120") L X 0.5 mm (0.020") D
Minimum opening diameter 254 mm (10")
Minimum pipe diameter (Circ. scan) 406 mm (16")
Minimum pipe diameter (Longi. scan) 406 mm (16")
Nb. of channels required 64 channels
Nb. of coil rows 2
Nb. of elements 22
Operating frequency (fixed) 20 kHz and 80 kHz
Permeability compensation Yes
Technology Tangential eddy current array
Topologies Sharck
Type Sharck BW Array
Sharck™ probe (butt), 53mm coverage for Reddy®, 5 m
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