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ECT saturation bobbin probe, Ø 15.6mm MF, 20 m cable

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ECT saturation bobbin probe, ABS/DIF, diameter 15.6 mm, MF frequency range, 20 m nylon cable.
More Information
Product type ECT magnetic saturation bobbin probes
Center frequency 250 KHz
Connector 4-pin
Wear rings Yes
Water resistant Yes
Additionnal electronics required No
Cable length 20 m (66 ft)
Cable type Nylon
Defect side ID & OD typically
Frequency MF
Material inspected Mildly ferromagnetic
Nb. of channels required Ectane with the E option, Reddy-AC
Probe diameter (mm) 15.6
Sleeve Stainless steel
Tubing probe model BBFS – Full saturation bobbin
Tubing probe technique ECT
ECT saturation bobbin probe, Ø 15.6mm MF, 20 m cable
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