ACFM® Sensu2 straight mini array probe, 5 kHz

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ACFM® Sensu2, topside straight array probe w/ mini coils, 5kHz, 3 elements. For ferromagnetic filet welds (16mm (5/8'') wide caps). 3BZ technology. Comes w/22 pins LEMO conn., ctrl keypad and status LEDs. Requires a SENSU-2-STD-CBL, sold separately.
More Information
3BZ sizing Yes
Connector STD Sensu 2
Coverage 45 mm
Cable Requires SENSU-2-STD-CBL
Calibration stored On probe
Embedded remote controls Yes
Fields X
Frequency 5 KHz
IP rating IP65
Nb. of coil rows 3
Sensor configuration Mini
Status LEDs Yes
Technology Sensu 2
ACFM® Sensu2 straight mini array probe, 5 kHz
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