1-y Capture GO software renewal subscription, Mantis

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  • Intuitive, powerful software onboard Mantis instrument
  • Yearly subscription, lowest price to access technology
  • Access to all updates and tech support; for renewals

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12-month CAPTURE™ GO software subscription renewal onboard MANTIS™ instrument – Data acquisition, advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities for 1 year with all updates and technical support.
More Information
Software license type Yearly subscription
Paperless Reporting Yes
Automatic screenshot with defect entry Yes
Advanced data analysis No
Amplitude Dynamic Range Yes
Advanced Indication table No
Analysis tools Yes
ATFM module Yes
Calibration shortcuts Yes
Channels data processing Yes
3-click cal. wizards for all techniques Yes
Configuration wizards for setup creation Yes
C-scan data processing Yes
C-Scan stitching and data merging Yes
Customizable inspection report Yes
Customizable layouts Yes
3D multi-group display & data rendering Yes
Data acquisition Yes
Data analysis Yes
Data reporting Yes
DXF overlay import (CIVA, ES BeamTool) Yes
FMC Recording Yes
FMC/ sparse TFM with Linear, Matrix, DLA, DMA probe Yes
Focal LAW import (CIVA) Yes
Grid Verification (Amplitude Fidelity) Yes
Indication auto-sizing – Amplitude (-X dB) Yes
Indication auto-sizing – Thickness (-X mm) Yes
Live C-Scan display Yes
Maximum number of pixels per group 4000 k
Manual sequence Yes
Maximum TFM aperture (channels) 128
Multigroup Yes
Multimode Yes
Multiprobe Yes
Offline gate & thickness edition Yes
On-board analysis and classification features Yes
Pause on defect capability Yes
Plate, Pipe with weld overlay and HAZ Yes
PWI/TFM with Linear, Matrix, DLA, DMA probe Yes
Real-time filters Yes
Report templates Yes
Scan plan with multi-skip ray & signal display Yes
Sectorial, Linear and Compound scan Yes
Sizing overlays Yes
Superimposed channels Yes
TCG calibration Yes
TOFD tools Wedge Delay, PCS, LW synchro, and removal
Top view, side view, 3D view Yes
Zoom & Fullscreen Yes
Compatible OS Windows 10
Data encoding Yes

"The improved user interface in the acquisition window enables the user to adapt and augment their setup without the inconvenience of returning to the main setup parameters, saving valuable time. The new ray tracing features now include important detail regarding angle of intersection with the weld bevel, which is so important."

- Advanced UT Level III

1-y Capture GO software renewal subscription, Mantis
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