SIMS™ GO software conversion to perpetual

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  • Intuitive, powerful software onboard FloormapX
  • Converts subscription to perpetual software
  • Grants access to all minor software versions

Lead Time: 1-5 business days (Standard/typical lead time)



Conversion of existing software license from subscription to perpetual for SIMS™ GO.
More Information
Software license type Perpetual with minor updates
Paperless Reporting Yes
Automatic screenshot with defect entry Yes
Advanced data analysis Yes
Analysis tools Yes
C-scan data processing Yes
C-Scan stitching and data merging Yes
Customizable inspection report Yes
Customizable layouts Yes
Data acquisition Yes
Data analysis Yes
Data reporting Yes
Indication auto-sizing – Amplitude (-X dB) Yes
Indication auto-sizing – Thickness (-X mm) Yes
Indication list - automated and editable Yes
Indication relocation feature Yes
Live C-Scan display Yes
On-board analysis and classification features Yes
Pause on defect capability Yes
Real-time filters Yes
Scan mode Mapping and Manual
Scan plan with multi-skip ray & signal display Yes
Tank floor design capability Yes
Zoom & Fullscreen Yes
Enhanced data rendering Envelope and smothing, sharpening
Supported Technologies/Techniques MFL and STARS
SIMS™ GO software conversion to perpetual
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