Pipescan HD MFL tool, pipe Ø 127 mm (5") to flat

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Lead Time: 1-2 months (Standard/typical lead time)


High-resolution adjustable MFL Pipescan HD™ for manual longitudinal scan of pipework 127 mm OD to flat surfaces (5.0 in to flat). Compatible with dedicated detachable encoder and detachable cable (not included). C/w transport case.
  • Distribution, gathering, feeder or transmission pipelines
  • Manifold lines
  • Dead legs
  • Vessels
  • Jetty lines
  • Condensate terminal pipework
  • Service water systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Coal-fired plants boiler pipes

"PipescanHD has reinvented our approach to condition monitoring out in the field. It allows us to offer our clients rapid and reliable information on their assets at a fraction of the time of other techniques. Combined with phased array UT corrosion mapping, we can offer a rapid scanning solution with high quality quantitative data."

- Advanced NDT Technical Coordinator 

Pipescan HD MFL tool, pipe Ø 127 mm (5") to flat
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