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Magg™ 310 enabled, NDT inspection magnetic robot

USD 67,150.00
In stock

Lead Time: 3-6 weeks (Standard/typical lead time)


Magg™ 310 enabled magnetic crawler for NDT and tooling. Includes universal actuator, encoder, HD continuous tilt camera, 120x zoom (10x optical), LED lights, laser lines, magnet kit for vertical and inverted inspection; depth rated to 60m/200ft

Depending on the instrument configuration:

  • Ship hull inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Tank car inspection
  • Pressure vessel inspection

"The Magg robotic video magnetic crawler is a breakthrough in remote inspection. It basically enables faster, better quality and more versatile inspection and this enhanced performance in turn delivers long-term cost reductions and great efficiencies to users."

- Expert, Remote Operations

Magg™ 310 enabled, NDT inspection magnetic robot
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