Mantis™16:64PR with PAUT, UT, TOFD without TFM

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  • Entry-level unit in Mantis family, compact flaw detector
  • No TFM, can be upgraded later
  • Suitable for most weld inspections and corrosion mapping

Lead Time: 4 months (Standard/typical lead time)



MANTIS™16:64PR UTPA&TOFD – Multigroup – PRF 12kHz – 2 axis – Plate & Pipe + CAD – 128GB SSD, easy-latch adaptor, 1 batt. PS&AC adaptor, WiFi dongle, manual, rugged case. Requires CAPTURE™GO software subscription, sold separately.
More Information
A-Scan height (dynamic range) Up to 800%
Adaptive TFM (ATFM) No
Array connectors 1x IPEX
Batteries - typical life Up to 4 hours
Cooling Sealed with external fans
Data storage SSD, 128 GB
Display resolution 1024 × 768
Display size 21 cm (8.4")
Display type High contrast resistive touch screen
Maximum active aperture 16
Nb. of receiving elements 64
Paperless Reporting Yes
Pulser (PAUT) voltage From 12 V to 90 V (with 1 V steps)
Pulser (UT) voltage From 12 V to 200 V (with 1 V steps)
Remote control availability Yes
Rope access applications Yes
Setup creation/management Setup wizards, application
Shockproof rating According to MIL-STD-810G
Total Focusing Method (TFM) No
Batteries - type 1x li-ion, rechargeable, DOT compliant
Compliance EN ISO 18563-1:2015 GR2, EN 12668-1:2010 GR2, AITM-00016 Issue5 table7; AITM-00013 Issue 6 Table11
Data readback on PC software Yes
Defect table (for reporting) Yes
Digitizing 16-bit resolution
Encoders and I/O connectors 1x 16-pin LEMO
Frequency range 0.4 MHz to 20 MHz
Gain range (PAUT) Up to 120 dB (0.1 dB steps)
Gain range (UT-TOFD) Up to 120 dB (0.1 dB steps)
Gates Floating and tracking for repeatable and reliable results
Input impedance 50 Ohms
Optional PC software available Yes
Programmable alarms Yes
Pulse type (PAUT) Negative square pulse
Pulse type (UT-TOFD) Negative square pulse
Pulse width 10 ns to 1000 ns
Support custom application and probes Yes
UT connectors 2x LEMO 00
UT/TOFD connectors 2x LEMO 00
Synchronization with I/O Yes
Full screen mode Yes
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-fi, USB 2.0 (x1), USB 3.0 (x1)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 311x220x86 mm
External trigger 0
Encoder inputs 3-axis, TTL (5V)
IP rating Designed for IP65
Operating humidity 12%RH – 78%RH
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Power supply/requirements 15 V, 6 A
Programmable outputs No
Pulser (PAUT) fall time <10 ns
Pulser (UT-TOFD) fall time <10 ns
Reload data from defect table Yes
Supported Technologies/Techniques UT, TOFD, PAUT
Storage SSD, 128 GB
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Volume 5.88 L (359 in3)
Weight (without batteries) 3.2 kg (7 lb)
Video output HDMI
Weight (with batteries) 3.7 kg (8.2 lb)

Depending on the instrument configuration:

  • Weld inspection (UT, TOFD, PAUT, TFM, PWI)
  • Corrosion mapping, including large areas
  • Multi-group weld inspection procedures fully covered
  • Flange face
  • Bolt inspection
  • Composite inspection

"The improved user interface in the acquisition window enables the user to adapt and augment their setup without the inconvenience of returning to the main setup parameters, saving valuable time. The new ray tracing features now include important detail regarding angle of intersection with the weld bevel, which is so important."

- Advanced UT Level III

Mantis™16:64PR with PAUT, UT, TOFD without TFM
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