Magg™ 310, RVI magnetic robot

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  • 100m (330ft) range (max tether length), immersible
  • 3,6m/min (12ft/min) max speed, powerful aux. LED lighting
  • 6,2kg (14lb) vehicle weight; max payload of 14kg (31lb)

Lead Time: 3-6 weeks (Standard/typical lead time)



Magg™ 310 magnetic crawler. Includes HD continuous tilt camera, 120x zoom (10x optical), LED lights, laser lines, two high-torque 4000 series tracks, magnet kit for vertical and inverted inspection; depth rated to 60m/200ft
More Information
Depth rating 60 m
Dimensions 310 mm wide
Adhesion Magnetic
Camera option Magg camera
Tether length Up to 100 m

Depending on the instrument configuration:

  • Ship hull inspection
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Tank car inspection
  • Pressure vessel inspection

"The Magg robotic video magnetic crawler is a breakthrough in remote inspection. It basically enables faster, better quality and more versatile inspection and this enhanced performance in turn delivers long-term cost reductions and great efficiencies to users."

- Expert, Remote Operations

Magg™ 310, RVI magnetic robot
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