Ectane®2 w/ 64-ch. ECA, ECT, RFT, NFT, MFL and IRIS

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  • Unit for both tubing and surface inspections (ECA/MFL)
  • 64 array channels
  • High-performance IRIS capabilities

Lead Time: 4 months (Standard/typical lead time)



Ectane®2 instrument with ECT, ECA, RFT, NFT, MFL, and IRIS, 8 ch., 8 freq. Incl. SmartMUX™ 64 (integrated 64-ch. multiplexer); 2 batteries; RJ-45 cable; AC power supply; transport case. Requires Magnifi® software subscription, sold separately.
More Information
Array connectors 1x 160 pin
Batteries - typical life 8 hours
Cooling Sealed and fanless
Highly portable easy to use system Yes
Nb. of array channels 64
Nb. of input channels 8
Remote control availability Yes
Volume 10 L (610 in3)
Acquisition rate Up to 50 000 samples/sec
Batteries - type 2x li-ion, rechargeable, DOT compliant
Compliance ASME, EN 61010-1, CE, WEEE, FCC Part 15B, ICES-003, AS/NZS CISPR 22, RoHS
Data readback on PC software Yes
Digitizing 12 bits, 100 MHz
ECA frequency range 5 Hz - 10 MHz
ECA multiplexer SmartMUX
ECT bobbin connector 1X 4-pin
ECT connectors 1X 41-pin Amphenol
ECT frequency range 5 Hz - 10 MHz
ECT receiver gain 41dB range 23–64dB
ECT simultaneous frequency Up to 160
Encoder inputs 3 axes, quadrature with individual reset line
Encoders and I/O connectors 18-pin Amphenol
Frequency range 5 Hz–10 MHz
Gain range (RFT & NFT) 50 dB range, 26–86 dB
Input impedance 50 or 100 Ohms
Injection modes Multiplexed, simultaneous, continuous
MFL receiver gain 41 dB range, 18–59 dB
Operating temperature 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)
Output voltage Up to 20 Vpp
Probe recognition and setup (ChipID) Automatic
Programmable alarms Yes
Support custom application and probes Yes
Weight (without batteries) 5.9 kg (13 lb)
Power supply/requirements Direct VAC or onboard batteries
Synchronization with I/O Yes
IRIS digitizer 12 bits, 100 MHz
IRIS filters 4 user-selectable filters, 25 MHz system bandwidth
IRIS maximum pulsing rate Up to 26 kHz
IRIS pulser/receiver 0–200 V drive, 0–70 dB (1 dB steps), 0–40 dB DAC
IRIS transducer frequency 5–20 MHz
IRIS turbine speed Up to 100 RPS for fast pulling
IRIS views Real-time A, B, and C-scans
IRIS wall thickness measurement 50 % thinner than competitors (patent pending)
Motor drive for RPC probes 0-24 V, max peak 2 A, continuous max 1 A, max 10 W
Operating humidity 95%, non-condensing
Programmable outputs Yes, 3
Source for saturation probes Max 15 V, 0-1 A, 10 W

Depending on the instrument configuration:

  • Heat exchangers (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Condensers, feedwater heaters
  • Fin-fan air coolers and boilers
  • Chillers, air conditioning / HVAC
  • Balance of Plant
  • Surface ECA inspection for nuclear components
  • In-line / quality control surface ECA inspections

"The Ectane can do all the tubing inspection techniques that are required by my customers and the fact that it is battery operated makes it possible to work in any environment. Surface ECA probes also allow be to do more than just tubing. The simple software made it easy to convert our technicians and now the pool is growing."

- Tubing Inspection Manager 

Ectane®2 w/ 64-ch. ECA, ECT, RFT, NFT, MFL and IRIS
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